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This is a non-political, non-racist website, and the views and opinions of some of the people who visit this site, and / or sign our guestbook, may or may not be the same views and opinions as held by ourselves.

Oi! Walsall is independent from all bands, agents, management, venues etc, and will not be held responsible for any wrong doings by any of the afore mentioned. We are however, responsible for any refunds to made on tickets purchased, in the event of cancellation, or re-schedule, without prior notice.

In the event of a refund having to be made, Oi! Walsall will contact you as soon as possible, returning your payment in full, by which ever means it originally arrived (e.g. cheque or concealed cash (GB£) )

Oi! Walsall, is not a business, non-profit making, or otherwise, and the amount reflected in our ticket prices, is to cover band fee's, room hire, sound system hire etc. We do not make a profit from any of our gigs.

The venue management & security, reserve the right to refuse admission.

Conditions of sale apply.